Zoom Whitening

Teeth whitening is an effective and conservative cosmetic treatment that lightens discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most common elective dental procedures because it is highly effective and produces fast results. treatments improve your appearance and boost your confidence.
At Health chakra we use the best tooth whitening system, Philips Zoom whitening. With this system, within 45 minutes, your teeth can be made up to 8 times brighter! The added advantage is that there is little or no post-operative sensitivity.



Your dentist will start by taking some diagnostic pictures and scan all your teeth. This record is essential for assessment of how much whitening has been achieved and which are the areas of concern. Then thorough cleaning of the teeth is done to remove any surface plaque and contaminants. A protective gel is applied on the gums. The whitening gel is applied on the teeth and the Zoom machine is used to cure the gel. This procedure requires about 30 minutes.


Post whitening, the dentist will run a laser over the bleached surfaces. This seals the whitening and prevents sensitivity. This step is also essential for longevity of the treatment and for a good shine on the surface.


That’s it! You walk out with brighter smile!