Dental Scan

The importance of regular dental check-up cannot be stressed enough. It allows us to detect any changes in the oral cavity and treat maladies at their inception. This is the simplest and most effective mode of dental treatment. If done thoroughly and efficiently, a good dental check-up can detect problems before they become severe and painful.

We at Health Chakra, believe in utilizing the latest technology, to give our patients the best in preventive and treatment modalities. For this reason, an intra oral scanner is used to scan the entire mouth. This helps us to view the oral cavity, from all angles effectively. A three-dimensional scan, visible on a big screen, acts as a visual and diagnostic tool. This helps in early detection and diagnosis. It also helps the doctor and the patient to keep a record of dental health for future comparison and reference. It becomes very easy for the patient to view their oral cavity, helping them understand and participate better in their own oral care.