Dental Aligners are transparent trays made of special silicon material, which are used to straighten teeth in a manner like conventional braces, but without the unsightly appearance and discomfort.

They use gentle and constant force to move the teeth in the required position without the use of metal wires and elastics. Aligners are custom made and require a digital scan.

They can be used for all ages as they are very comfortable and barely visible.


1     Scan    Scan

Our team of Orthodontists and Cosmetic dentists take a scan of the jaws.

2     process    Process

The scan is then processed by a special software

3     simulation    Simulation

A simulation is generated, showing the predicated movement of teeth and the result expected. This allows the patient to view the result before the treatment is started.

4     aligners    Aligners

Before we start the treatment, we let you know the detailed plan along withthe number of aligners which will be needed, the duration of treatment and any special instructions.

5     followup    Follow Up

Sets of aligners with details on how long each set must worn are handed over to the patient. A follow up schedule is drawn up according to requirement.

Are Aligners more efficient than conventional braces?

Both aligners and braces work on the principle of correcting alignment by guided tooth movement. This is done by applying calculated and selective pressure. The advantage aligners have over conventional braces is that theyare very comfortable and barely visible. They can also be removed while eating. This makes aligners a preferred treatment option.

Who can use Aligners?

The number of aligners depends on the severity of the malalignment. A mild case may require 14 pairs of aligners with a treatment duration of 4-5 months, while a more complicated case may require more sets of aligners requiring a longer treatment time.