Painless Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment involves cleaning and disinfecting a tooth in which the infection has reached the inner most layers or dental pulp. Once it has been determined that dental infection has reached the pulp, it becomes essential to clear out the necrotic tissue. This is done to prevent further spread of infection to the gums and bone. If left untreated it could lead to pain and swelling and may require extraction of the infected tooth.


1     anth    Anaesthesia

Administration of local anaesthesia

2     tissue    Tissue Removal

Removal of necrotic tissue

3     cleaning    Cleanse

Cleaning and disinfection

4     sealing    Sealing

Sealing the root canals with filling material

4     support    Support

Post and core built up for additional support

5     prep    Preparation

Tooth preparation for crown placement

5     scan    Scan

Scan /impression for custom made crown

5     placement    Placement

Crown placement

Single sitting Root Canal Treatment

At Health Chakra, our specialists use the latest technology to make your Root Canal Treatment completely atraumatic.
#The cleaning of the infected tissue is done by Rotary endomotors. These are very fast and efficient as compared to conventional manual cleaning

# The disinfection of the tooth is done by lasers. This reduces the local bacterial population by 99.9% thus accelerating the healing process.

# The above methods lead to minimum discomfort during and post procedure. In fact, the entire procedure does not take more than 45 mins!

# Local Anaesthesia is administered only once, and the entire procedure is finished before it wears off. You can have a quick snooze while we treat you!