Whenever you visit any doctor, you need to carry a huge folder,with atleast a years worth of health history. One must also carry all X-rays, pervious prescriptions, list of medications, blood reports, history of surgeries,the list is endless!

What if we told you that one app could carry all your data? That all your health records could be accessed by the click of a button on your phone? That you would never have to search for your prescription? The fear of missing out while communicating your records, maintaining and lugging them everywhere, is now a thing of the past. The Health-Chakra app has been developed after a lot of research and effort. Inputs from doctors, patients and our tech- team has lead to the development of this revolutionary app.

The Health-Chakra app allows you to book and manage your appointments ,view your X-rays, blood reports, scans ,prescriptions, special instructions, save your invoices, sends you reminders, notifications and does a lot more! It's your health at your finger tips! So what are you waiting for?Download the Health-Chakra app right now!